How to View Live NASA's Artemis I Moon Launch This Saturday.

On Saturday, NASA's ambitious, pricey, and complex Artemis program is set to launch.

The Artemis I spacecraft may finally be on its way to the moon's orbit fifty years after the space agency finished the Apollo missions.

Originally scheduled for Monday, Artemis I's launch had to be scrubbed by NASA owing to an engine problem. The team ultimately opted to set the next attempt for Saturday after some thought.

You can view the Artemis I event live on the NASA app, NASA website, or NASA TV on Saturday, according to plans by NASA.

The actual launch window will be available for two hours starting at 2:17 p.m. ET / 11:17 a.m. PT.

There won't be any astronauts on board this liftoff, to be sure, but there are a lot of things that depend on it, including the possibility of sending people to the moon in the near future. That is anticipated for 2025. 

On launch day, the tangerine-colored, 32-story rocket of the Artemis I spacecraft will blast out from the planet, carrying the white, pointy Orion into lunar orbit.

Amazon Alexa, Shaun the Sheep from TV, mannequins, miniature satellites, and most crucially, a massive amount of navigation and data collection gear are all packed into Orion.

These unique devices onboard Orion will monitor crucial data about the spacecraft's trajectory, safety, radiation absorption, and much more, effectively mapping out the paths of future missions.