Greg Norman claimed that LIV Golf requested him not to participate in the QBE Shootout, an event he organised.

According to Greg Norman, who invented the QBE Shootout and has hosted it at his Naples, Florida,

course for more than three decades, he has been asked not to participate this season.

In an Instagram post, Norman made a suggestion that the problem stems from the fact that he is the CEO of the contentious LIV Golf Invitational Series.

Since I started the Shootout tournament in 1989, I have participated in and hosted

every Shootout competition for 33 years straight. This year, however, Norman was asked not to.

Since LIV Golf's launch earlier this year, Norman has served as its CEO. His participation in the league supported by Saudi Arabia has attracted criticism.

Every December, the Gold Course at Tiburon Golf Club hosts the QBE Shootout, an unofficial Tour competition that Norman devised.

They had been talking about Norman's involvement for months, QBE Shootout director Rob Hartman said in an interview with the Naples Daily News on Tuesday.