Epic Fly-By Over the Sea by F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet Breaks Sound Barrier

On a ship's deck, bystanders assemble with their phones and cameras at the ready.

The audience is obviously anticipating the appearance of something in the sky.

We quickly identify the source of the disturbance. Off in the distance, we can make out the shape of a swiftly approaching aircraft.

From a fair distance away, we see a vapor cloud exploding around an F-35 Lightning II Fighter

signalling humid conditions low in the sky and near the ocean.

Then, the aircraft soars by at a speed above the sound level. Until the jet has passed and the shock wave that accompanied it has passed

across their region, spectators can only hear the aircraft's engines. At that point, one might hear the sonic boom.

Let's talk about the vapour cone now. Contrary to common perception, the fighter jet does not emit a sonic boom when it breaks the sound barrier.