Due to "safety concerns," USPS is suspending services in this area.

Consistent postal service is not always provided as promised, as you may have experienced if your mail ever failed to arrive on a scheduled delivery day or you visited the post office

during regular business hours only to find it closed. The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is tasked with ensuring that everyone in the nation has access to postal services as a

federal agency, That is particularly relevant when it comes to customer or postal worker safety. Now, some Americans are discovering just that.

The USPS is in charge of making sure that everyone in the country has access to mail service. The government claims that one of its major goals is safety.

The USPS has just suspended new service for people in two distinct states. On the agency's Service Alerts page, it is stated that a few post offices in Tennessee and Louisiana 

are currently closed to clients. Eastgate Station Post Office and Murray Lake Hills Station Post Office adjacent will act as backup facilities, according to the USPS.

The Postal Service has also informed customers of post office closures in Mosinee, Wisconsin; Grandview, Iowa; Pemberton, Ohio; Stanley, New York; and Birmingham, 

Alabama, starting at the beginning of October. No new information regarding re openings has been provided, thus it appears that all of these places are still momentarily closed.