Drew Brees, a former NFL quarterback, sends Tom Brady a strong message.

After formally retiring in 2021, Drew Brees transitioned from NFL quarterback to broadcaster only a few months later.

 However, he stayed in that role for just one yearSince then, Brees has taken a second retirement to spend more time with his family, particularly on weekends.

On The Dan Patrick Show this Thursday morning, Brees remarked of his post-retirement career, 

"Last year, I followed the media way." I truly enjoyed that. I thought I learnt a lot.

According to reports, once Tom Brady stops playing football, he might follow a similar path.

According to reports, he has a $375 million deal with Fox to work as its lead analyst.

Brees wants Brady to understand the level of devotion required in the broadcasting industry. Brees stated, "I don't know precisely what Tom has agreed to do, 

but I know what has been announced. But it requires more time than you might imagine, and it is undoubtedly a commitment.