Disney World is planning to revive a very popular event.

Both Comcast's Universal Studios (CMCSA) and Disney's (DIS) are constantly vying for visitors to choose their theme park for a holiday.

Since the covid limits were relaxed, there has been intense competition as both parks have been introducing new rides and welcoming back crowd favourites.

The Haunted Mansion at Disney was once more redecorated, and now it features Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas theme.

Disney announced on TikTok that Fantasmic!, one of its well-known and adored performances, had started rehearsing in its Florida location of Disney's Hollywood Studios.

To bring Mickey Mouse's fantasy to life, Fantasmic! features performers, fire, water, music, and numerous other elements.

Fantasia is set to a mystical tune that features many other beloved Disney films, including The Lion King, Cinderella, Aladdin, Mulan, and others.

The Hollywood Hills Amphitheater hosts the Disney Hollywood Studios Florida Fantasmic! extravaganza.

The show's production was suspended during the COVID outbreak, but it will soon resume in full, perhaps in November.

Fans are hoping for a quick return of Fantasmic!, but Disney has not yet issued an official announcement.