Disney Must Reduce Theme Park Capacity Due to Covid (Once Again).

It's difficult to recall life before the COVID epidemic because the entire world has been working to return to pre-pandemic conditions.

Planning ahead is essential when a family intends to spend a lot of money on a vacation, such as one at a Disney (DIS) theme park.

The worst of it, of course, isn't having to stay at home or wear masks when travelling. One annoyance, though, is observing firms that are closed or unable to run normally.

Therefore, it is still advisable to check to see whether hours have changed or anything else that can have an impact on your plans anytime you are making any kind of outing.

especially if such plans entail costly trips to theme parks or resorts where the amenities can be subject to daily adjustments. Disney is accustomed to covid-19 restrictions,

and hearing about the rising number of positive covid cases worldwide, both with and without symptoms, makes everyone shiver. At the moment, Disneyland Shanghai is 

dealing with those situations. Due to limits put in place by the Chinese government, Disneyland Shanghai is scaling back the number of visitors it can accommodate at

 its attractions while continuing to operate with a smaller staff. As of October 29, 2022, Shanghai Disneyland will operate with fewer attractions.

Select attractions, live performances, restaurants, and stores won't be open or will run at limited capacity during this time.