Despite requests from franchisees, McDonald's continue to implement policy changes.

Franchise owners and the McDonald's corporation have long had a tense relationships.

Bloomberg notes that although McDonald's concentrates on the top line of the locations, the operators are concerned about what is left over after paying rent, 

royalties, salaries, and other expenses. McDonald's has high expectations for its franchisees.According to a 2015 Bloomberg story, a franchisee may have needed

 to spend between $15,000 and $20,000 on an espresso machine to fulfill McCafé orders.The franchise agreements that regulate the relationship between franchisees 

and McDonald's may undergo significant modifications, according to a Franchise Wire story from June 2022. The planned implementation of these modifications

 hasn't exactly been smooth, as you might anticipate.According to McDonald's, the policy modifications will allow the firm to distribute valuable franchise licences 

to a more diverse set of owners while maintaining franchise locations' alignment with the company's core values of "Serve, Inclusion, Integrity, Community, and Family."

For franchise owners in states like California, which recently passed legislation aiming to give fast food workers

 more input in their employment terms, the new McDonald's standards further complicate the situation.