Customer Criticizes Burger King Pricing, Saying It "Makes No Sense"

Customers of Burger King have been criticizing the chain's enormous price variations for Whoppers on Reddit, and more people are joining the conversation.

In a Reddit thread last week, a user shared a screenshot of the Burger King app.An Original Whopper is priced at $6.19, a Double Whopper is marketed at $8.69—

a logical $2.50 increase—and finally, a Triple Whopper with Cheese is priced at $14.29—a stunning $5.60 higher. "An extra 2.50 dollars from single to double, 

but 6 dollars from double to triple?," the person captioned their image. BK app pricing is absurd. Never order unless I have a deal on the app, one user wrote under the upload.

The price of the burgers alone is too high, and another person said that the pandemic has become an excuse-laden outlet for corporate greed.

It might be beneficial to look back to February, when Mashed reported that the burger giant's price rises were caused by inflation, 

while additional users continue to submit their receipts, screenshots, and confusion over the pricing at their local Burger King.

"Commodity inflation overall was roughly 16% this past quarter compared to the prior year period," said Chief Executive Officer Daniel Accordino.

We also want to alter prices to partially offset inflation to the degree possible without affecting traffic, the CEO continued.