Burger King's New Whopper Responds to McDonald's Retro Menu Change.

For Halloween, McDonald's is apparently bringing back a longtime fan favorite, so Burger King responds with a brand-new Whopper.

McDonald's hardly ever adds special menu items to honor holidays, and it hardly ever acknowledges other noteworthy occasions.

However, the fast food juggernaut has historically observed Halloween, releasing plastic buckets that could be used for trick-or-treating in the past.

The company hasn't reintroduced them since 2016, but according to a recent source, the Halloween Pails, which were originally available in three designs

 McPunk'n, McBoo, and McGoblin will make a comeback in 2022.

Burger King won't allow that to happen without retaliating with a new Halloween menu item of its own.

Burger King won't be utilizing the name "Halloween Whopper" this year. Instead, according to an Instagram post from markie devo, a reliable source for breaking news

about fast food, it will be producing a variation of the legendary burger that is related to the holiday.

"Burger King will soon offer a frightening Ghost Pepper Whopper in time for Halloween. 

This one has a Whopper patty, bacon, ghost pepper cheese, hot queso, crispy jalapenos, and an orange bread "the online personality penned.