Burger King's $5 Refresh Your Way Meal Contains a Completely New Menu Item.

Nothing about Burger King's Your Way Meal is not to be adored. For only $5, you may chow down on your preferred fast food.

While the menu is always terrific, the Whopper slinger has recently launched a brand-new menu item.

Burger King is including the option for its new BBQ Bacon Whopper Jr. as part of the chain's updated $5 Your Way Meal.

The complete list of $5 Your Way Meal choices is provided below: Original Whopper Jr., four-piece Chicken Nuggets, and BBQ Bacon Whopper Jr.

You will receive a small fry and a small drink to accompany your choice from the three options.

Now, you actually have the option to spend even less than that Lincoln. Throughout the month of October,

In a statement, Brand Communications Director Andrea Beer stated, "We at Burger King are pleased to put a new spin

 on our long-standing tradition of delighting our visitors around Halloween.