Burger King Debuts a New Jingle and Tagline.

Ready to spend the next ten years or so with yet another jingle stuck in your head? Indeed, Burger King hopes so!

The chain is updating its major tagline after 40 years and recreating and remixing its well-known "Have it Your Way" song from the 1970s.

Burger King opted to place consumers at the center of the new campaign in order to "reclaim the flame," or persuade newer generations to buy into its message.

It's all about taking control of your life, making your own decisions, and getting your BK order the way you want.

The restaurant business has also announced that "You Rule" will replace its previous slogan, "Have It Your Way," as its new slogan.

It transcends purely product customization, embraces personality, and elevates Have It Your Way, something our company has long been recognized for, according to Tom Curtis.

The firm recently disclosed a $400 million investment in sprucing up its brand image, which will be used to update everything from its branding

and the appearance of its locations to its menu and the status of its iconic Whopper.