Burger King announces a $400 million plan to upgrade its retail space and boost advertising.

QSR Burger King, a division of Restaurant Brands International., plans to invest $400 million over the next two years in an effort to increase sales and franchisee profitability.

The business will spend $250 million on a "Royal Reset" and $150 million on advertising and digital initiatives to "Fuel the Flame."

The company's "Royal Reset" strategy comprises high-end renovations and relocation, as well as restaurant technology, kitchen equipment, and building developments.

A total of $120 million will be spent on advertising as part of the Fuel the Flame marketing effort, which will run until 2024.

 An additional $30 million will be used to support the brand's app and online sales channels.

According to a statement from Restaurant Brands International (RBI), the company's modernization could close the gap 

between Burger King's comparable sales and those of competing brands by "attracting greater people to the brand over time."

In order to dominate the market for burgers, breakfast, beverages, snacks, and plant-based items, Burger King is now concentrating on creating novel products.