Buccaneers NFL Issues Warning to Tom Brady for Sideline Behavior.

In Week 3 of the NFL season, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home.

It was their first defeat after two straight victories over the Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints, respectively.However, if you only watched the sideline video, 

you may conclude that the Saints were to blame for the lone loss.That's because Brady was observed venting many of his frustrations in New Orleans on those evil tablets

that the NFL has adopted in place of printed pictures that players can view during a game. Unfortunately, I've had a very horrible track record against that tablet," 

Brady remarked in an interview with Jim Gray on Monday, the day after the Bucs' victory against the Saints.

Thanks to Tom Brady, tweeted PFF's Ari Meirov on Sunday. The NFL sent a note to all 32 clubs this week threatening sanctions for damaging tablets

 and/or other equipment provided by the league.In spite of the memo, Week 3 saw offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills Ken Dorsey venting some frustrations on his own tablet.

After his offence ran out of time to set up a possible game-winning field goal against the Miami Dolphins, Dorsey was spotted smashing items, including his tablet.

Brady's "The illustrious quarterback discussed the incident on the Let's Go! podcast, stating, 

"I'm not the only adult in the entire league that's having temper tantrums. So I want to thank Ken for clearing me of responsibility."