Book Insight- Lessons on Financial Enlightenment by Kalpesh Suryawansi

if you spend your money buying superfluous stuff, you'll wind up your life chasing meaningless pursuits.

Everything that you really need is plentiful in nature.

It is only in your greed of inessential are you exhausting the essential.

Ideas come to people who think, Results come to people who act & Success comes to those who do both.

The secret to wealth is the Knowledge of value that appeals to the masses.

Nothing is Harder than pushing yourself out from the psychological filth of your own mind.

When you start playing a game only for the reward and not for fun then it turns into a problem.

When you start a job or a business to not create value for customers but only for self to accumulate wealth then it becomes a problem.

Hence the suffering you face in the financial world is caused by your own mind and is not the product of the system.