Artemis I: A fire at NASA Kennedy make a new twist in moon mission.

NASA is working to reduce the hurricane's potential for destruction as it approaches Florida. When a fire broke out inside the structure that is presently 

 home to the agency's Moonbound Artemis I rocket on Tuesday, the situation became even more chaotic.According to Janet Petro, director of the Kennedy Space Center (KSC),

NASA officials have been deliberating how to respond to the concerning weather reports they have been receiving.Beginning at stage IV and gradually dropping down

 in 72-, 48-, 24-, and 12-hour increments until the storm strikes, the four stages of HURCON, or hurricane conditions, define NASA's storm preparedness measures.

NASA is coordinating a number of variables to determine the best option for the upcoming launch target. A debut in October is possible, even as soon as next week. 

Jim Free, associate administrator of the Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate at NASA, though, said it's improbable. 

Free told reporters that he didn't want Artemis I to return to the launchpad too quickly without first taking care of "limited-life elements" that require routine reevaluation.

Free added that although the crew wants to launch during the day, the opportunities in November do not allow for that.

For the time being, NASA's staff completes last-minute preparations for the rocket and their families ahead of the storm.