Artemis 1 Gets A New Launch Date After Hydrogen Leak Is Fixed.

The Space Launch System (SLS), a recently developed rocket by NASA, is having difficulty taking off. Orion, a brand-new spacecraft, is also included.

In order to test out gear before upcoming crewed flights to the moon, the SLS is being launched on an uncrewed voyage around the moon.

After two failed attempts to launch the SLS and Orion for the Artemis I mission, NASA has now declared that a third attempt will take place on September 27.

Because of the route the rocket must take to reach its orbit around the moon, certain times, referred to as launch windows, are the only times when it can be launched.

Therefore, launch dates are determined by the Earth and moon's alignment, and NASA has developed a list of prospective launch dates for the project.

On Saturday, September 3, the hydrogen leak happened during the second attempt to launch the Artemis I mission.

While the oxygen tank was successfully filled, the hydrogen tank was not. The rocket uses both liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen as fuel.

The first launch attempt, which was originally scheduled for August 29, was aborted as a result.

A minor hydrogen leak and difficulties chilling the engines were experienced on that attempt.