Analysts claim that Mark Zuckerberg made a serious error regarding Facebook.

Analysts claim that CEO Mark Zuckerberg appears to have made a catastrophic estimate as Meta-formerly-fall Facebook persists. Financial analysts predicted that

 Meta may see a "make or break" moment in the coming months as Zuckerberg intensifies efforts to expand the company's metaverse in talks with Yahoo Finance.

The move Meta made toward creating the necessary infrastructure for and generating interest in its unique Metaverse has set the stage for its coming day of judgement.

The company is making a lot of effort but is unable to compete with TikTok on Facebook and Instagram, the social networks that account for the majority of Meta's revenue.

That move isn't doing well given that the company's stock has dropped about 60% over the past year.

The organisation must return to its core competencies if it expects its stock to rise, according to AB Bernstein Senior Analyst Mark Shmulik in a statement to Yahoo.

Shmulik said. Regarding Zuckerberg's desire for the metaverse, I bet investors would adore it if they were spending a lot less on it.

Whether the rest of the corporation likes it or not, we can also picture it, but it doesn't appear like Zuckerberg plans to move in that route.