An Old Favorite Gets a (Very) New Makeover on the McDonald's Menu.

The massive fast-food chain has been reluctant to implement changes like this, but Wendy's daring action might have persuaded it to.

The iconic Egg McMuffin has traditionally served as the cornerstone of McDonald's breakfast menu. That sandwich, was first intended to be an homage to eggs Benedict.

The inventive breakfast menu from Wendy's was introduced. It markets its distinctive menu items, such as the Breakfast Baconator and French Toast Sticks,

 and makes use of freshly cracked eggs which appear to be a sliced piece of french toast.

During the chain's second-quarter earnings call, CEO Todd Penegor discussed the chain's steady progress in the breakfast market.

While adding an item to one of McDonald's global menus frequently has no influence on its intentions for the United States, 

a change in Canada can occasionally predict what will happen in its home market.

According to Brand Eating, the fast food colossus has recently launched new, spicy variations of the traditional McMuffin to its breakfast menu in Canada.

There is also an Egg & Jalapeno Cheddar McMuffin available "reported the website.

A crispy-fried chicken patty can be substituted for the bacon and eggs in some versions; in Canada, a Chicken McMuffin is a common breakfast food, according to the website.