Amazing Quotes from "The Social Leap by William Von Hippel.

Satisfying relationship play an important role in proper immune functioning.

Our fear of getting left out of the mating game still guides our psychology in profound ways,

making us keenly aware of how we stack up compared to others in our group,

This incessant social comparison is more disruptive to human happiness than almost anything else.

For every unit of energy that a human male must donate to produce a child, females must donate much more than a million times as many.

Women have more skin in the game, with the result that men tend to compete for women and women tend to be much choosier than men.

Living the good life is largely a matter of meeting our evolutionary imperatives.

Because these imperatives are often at cross purposes with one another, happiness is also a matter of figuring out how to navigate among them.

For our group to deal effectively with  threat or opportunity, we must all perceive it the same way, and thus we have evolved to seek emotional consensus.

There are few experiences in life more frustrating than sharing an emotional story with someone who reacts with indifference or an emotion opposite to our own.

Evolution doesn't care if we're happy, so long as we're re-productively successful. Happiness is a tool that evolution uses

to incentivize us to do what is in our genes' best interest. If we were capable of experiencing lasting happiness, evolution would lose one it its best tools.