After six years, McDonald's is bringing the Halloween item back.

The firm declared that its collectible Happy Meal pails with a Halloween theme would be returning.

According to KNBN NewsCenter1, that would be a dream come true for individuals who signed several recent online petitions to bring back the beloved pails, 

which have been missing in action since 2016.In 1986, McDonald's released their plastic buckets with DayGlo-hued Halloween designs (via USA Today). 

They were a companion product to McDonald's now-famous Happy Meals, which were introduced in 1979 and are still popular today (via Nerdist).

The fact that they could be used for both collecting Halloween candy and as Happy Meal packaging.

They were also very sought-after, despite some people feeling that the pails were a little too small for collecting Halloween candy (per Dread Central).

The new pails, which according to USA Today were created with a reference to the original, come in three variations for those who are interested. 

Each has a unique face, colour, and lid that are all related to Halloween.

The McDonald's Halloween Happy Meal pails will be offered beginning on October 18 and will last through October 31 or until supplies run out, whichever comes first.