After 30 years, Microsoft is revamping Microsoft Office.

The final output won't change. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and the rest won't disappear, so don't be concerned.

However, it won't go by the name Microsoft Office any longer. Instead, the IT giant revealed that it would change its name to Microsoft 365., the Office mobile app, and the Microsoft Office app for Windows will all get new branding and iconography over the next months.

The apps' functionality won't change, but there will be one significant difference: the cost.While Microsoft Office must be purchased once,

Microsoft 365 is a monthly subscription service.The most recent upgrades are currently included in the Microsoft 365 subscription for those who already have one. 

If you have Microsoft Office, you must purchase a new version to upgrade.Microsoft still allows you to buy individual Office applications like Word or Outlook

once if you really don't want to pay extra money each month for yet another subscription. The company announced the launch of a new Microsoft 365 app for web, Windows,

 and mobile that would serve as the hub for popular products and content from Microsoft 365 for both business and consumer customers.

Microsoft 365 costs £60 per year for a single subscription or £80 per year for a family subscription (up to 6 individuals).According to Microsoft,

The modification will start to be implemented next month.