A Popular Fan Favorite Is Reintroduced to the Menu at McDonald's.

You're going to enjoy what McDonald's has to offer if you recall the restaurant from the 1990s.

Every generation that has eaten at McDonald's likely has a unique collection of fond recollections.

At McDonald's, Gen X had a wonderful run, and the 1990s proved to be the decade when the company ran some of its most memorable marketing.

Cooked apple pies! cookies from McDonald's! Those glass Garfield mugs, set of two!

Typically, McDonald's leaves those things in the past and looks for new menu items without deviating too far from its traditional Americana ethos.

But now, it's going to bring back something that many of us recall from our youth, and it comes right before Halloween.

The iconic pails—whose names, as you may recall, are McBoo, McPunk'n, and McGoblin—will be offered for a brief period beginning on October 18 

and lasting through October 31—were confirmed to be returning by the company on October 6 via its official Twitter account (TWTR).

If you go to buy a pail, you won't get to choose or be given a random choice because McDonald's outlets will only carry one pail at a time.