A Breakfast Item Is Now Available for Lunch and Dinner on the McDonald's Menu.

McDonald's is experimenting with something that fans of the morning meal will adore, but All-Day Breakfast is not coming back.

The distinction between breakfast and lunch or dinner has become more hazy overall. Strangely, none of the major fast-food companies put its version

 of the combo to a menu, despite the fact that chicken and waffles has become a menu staple that seamlessly combines the two notions.

What's more interesting is that McDonald's hasn't added any classic breakfast items to its lunch or supper menus, with the exception of bacon.

But McDonald's has added a morning favorite to one of its menus, and it appears like the restaurant behemoth might think about making it a permanent fixture.

The Rosti Cheese Double Beef Burger, a sort of double cheeseburger with a hash brown patty and cheddar cheese sauce, 

is presently available on McDonald's limited-time Taste of the World menu in Taiwan, according to Brand Eating.

Even though it's simple for consumers to say, "just prepare a batch of hash browns," the company still has guidelines regarding how long things can sit before

 they need to be thrown away. Due to the need to streamline the menu during the epidemic, the chain decided not to reinstate All-Day Breakfast.