A $10 billion lawsuit alleging racial discrimination against McDonald's.

Media magnate Byron Allen has filed a $10 billion lawsuit against McDonald's, which the fast food chain will have to defend.

According to CNN, this is in response to a claim that the fast food juggernaut does not use Black-owned media companies for its advertising.

Last Monday, a federal court said that Allen and his business, Allen Media Group, might attempt to demonstrate in court that the major fast food chain broke civil rights statutes.

In a recent press release, Allen claimed that of McDonald's $1.6 billion yearly advertising spend, just $5 million genuinely supports Black-owned media.

Additionally, Allen claims that the well-known company has demoted his TV networks to a "African American tier."

 This, he claims, has a significantly lower advertising budget and denies the channels millions in yearly revenue.

In response, McDonald's attorney Loretta Lynch stated that the facts will show that the business does not discriminate.

By 2024, McDonald's plans to expand its advertising with Black-owned businesses from 2% to 5% of total spending.

In December of last year, the fast food restaurant company declared that discrimination had no place there.