4 new Features of iphone next operating system iOS 16.

The latest iPhone operating system upgrade from Apple is almost here.

Join Apple's beta testing programme if you want to see iOS updates before they are made available to the general public.

The release of Apple's iOS 16 will begin on September 12th. It is one of the biggest updates in recent memory 

and includes a tonne of new features, adjustments, and customization choices.

1) Personalized Lock Screen The most welcome update is using numerous Lock Screens or a variety of images.

It is now able to alter the font's color and size throughout the wallpaper creation process, which wasn't previously feasible.

2." A new way to see notifications" List view, Stack view , Count view.List view is the traditional option,

Stack view groups notification together, while Count view only displays the number of notification.

3. "Keep track of medications" To keep track of the prescription drugs, vitamins, and supplements you take, you can make a list.

4)Security with a passkey With one-step account setup and sign-in using Face ID or Touch ID, saving and utilizing a passkey is quick and simple.