10 Brain rules for work from "Brain rules for work "by John Medina

Teams are more productive, but only if you have the right people.

Your workday might look and feel a little different  than before. Plan accordingly.

The brain developed in the great outdoors. The organ still thinks it lives there.

Failure should be an option- as long as you learn from it.

Leaders need a whole lot of empathy and  a little willingness to be tough.

Power is like fire. It can cook your food or burn your house down.

Capture your audience's emotion, and you will have their attention. (at least for ten minutes.)

Conflicts can be resolved by changing your thought life.It helps to have a pencil.

You don't have a "work brain" and a "Home brain."You have a single brain functioning in two places.

Change won't happen out of determination and patience alone.