Traffic Lights poem for children

Traffic Lights poem for children. we should follow rules and also teach our children how they can safely walk on the road. through this jingle, children will know the meaning of traffic lights.

Traffic Lights Poem

Red light, red light,

What do you say?

I say Stop, stop right away.

Yellow light, yellow light,

what do you mean?

I say Wait, till the light is green.

Greenlight, green light,

What do you say?

I say GO, go right away.

Also, We should tell them some rules like Crossing the road at the Zebra Crossing, Do not run on the streets it is the favorite part of children they run on the street in the fun which is very dangerous for them. Do not stick your hand or head out of a moving vehicle. while going to school children often stick their hands or head out of the bus tell them it is very dangerous.

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