Traffic Lights poem for children

Traffic Lights poem for children. we should follow rules and also teach our children how they can safely walk on the road. through this jingle, children will know the meaning of traffic lights.

Traffic Lights Poem

Red light, red light,

What do you say?

I say Stop, stop right away.

Yellow light, yellow light,

what do you mean?

I say Wait, till the light is green.

Greenlight, green light,

What do you say?

I say GO, go right away.

Traffic Light Poem

Traffic Lights Poem

In the busy world of streets and cars,
There’s something magical that shines like stars.
It’s the traffic lights with their vibrant glow,
A colorful show that helps us go.

Red, the first light, it’s time to stop,
Like a cherry on top of a traffic cop.
Halt your wheels, take a little break,
Safety is important for everyone’s sake.

Yellow comes next, like the sun’s warm hue,
It tells us to slow down, be cautious too.
A gentle reminder to prepare and wait,
For the light to change, for a new fate.

Green, the final color in this wonderful scene,
It’s time to go, to drive and dream.
With a green light, we can safely proceed,
Onward and forward, at a careful speed.

Traffic lights, oh what a marvelous sight,
Guiding us through the day and night.
With their colors so bright and bold,
They keep us safe as we grow old.

So, remember to obey these lights so grand,
They help us navigate our way through the land.
Stay alert, be patient, follow their command,
And together we’ll travel hand in hand.

Traffic light poem for Children

In a world of roads so wide and long,
A little traffic light stands so strong.
Red, yellow, and green shows,
Guiding cars with their colorful glow.

Red is for stop, it’s time to wait,
Pause and take a little break.
When the light turns bright and red,
All the cars must stop ahead.

Yellow comes next, a caution sign,
Prepare to slow down and be kind.
Gentle cars, don’t go too fast,
Stay alert until it’s time to pass.

Finally, green appears so bright,
It’s the color of “Go!” with all its might.
Accelerate, but check both ways,
Now it’s time for happy days.

The traffic light, a helpful friend,
Keeps us safe from start to end.
It guides us through the busy street,
So we can walk with steady feet.

Remember the lessons it imparts,
Safety first in all our hearts.
Obey the light, stay safe and sound,
Together we can go around.

Traffic Light Poem
Traffic Light Poem for Children

Also, We should tell them some rules like Crossing the road at the Zebra Crossing, Do not run on the streets it is the favorite part of children they run on the street in fun which is very dangerous for them. Do not stick your hand or head out of a moving vehicle. while going to school children often stick their hands or head out of the bus telling them it is very dangerous.

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