English poem for kids| Two little birds Poem|

English Poem for kids: Easy English poem for kids.In this English poem it is explained to kids that what is the role of our hand , mouth , feet , eyes etc. This poem is written with keep in mind that is for kids so we make it very easy and learnable.

on the other hand second poem is about birds as kids love birds. birds are like something magic to kids. they always want to catch the birds to come close the birds so it is describe in this poem in easy language.

Two little dicky birds English Poem | Poem for kids|

Two little birds English poem for kids
two little birds English poem

Two little dicky birds,
Sat on a wall;
one named peter,
One named paul;
Fly away, Peter !
Fly away, Paul !
Come back , Peter !
Come back , Paul !

ME English poem| poem for kids |

body part english peom for kids
body part poem for kids

Here are my fingers,
Here are my toes.
Two little eyes,
And one little nose.
A nice straight back,
To keep me a tall.
Ears to listen
When teacher calls.
Hands to move,
And feet to walk.
A little mouth
To make me talk

Tooth brush poem | English poem for Kids|

Tooth brush poem for kids

I have a tooth-brush , near and gay,
To brush my teeth with everyday:
I brush them each morning,
I brush them each night,
Till all are shining,
clean and bright.

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